Coya Review - London
Mar 2019

Coya Review - London

Fine dining Peruvian cuisine at it's best... Voted best brunch spot by Vogue.

Coya instantly caught my attention by being located in a few luxurious cities around the world, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Monte Carlo as well as two locations in London. Mayfair and Angel court. I visited the Angel court site during my visit to London to treat my best friend for her birthday. I can definitely say this felt like a treat for me too!

Upon arrival I was greeted by a cute security guard LOL who opened the door for me, already I know this place would be prestige, I waited for my coat to be collected whilst admiring the beautiful jungle like decor and the room which seemed to be a bar. The setting was dark but also bright with the sounds of cutlery touching plates and conversation flowing around the room (it was a Saturday, completely booked up so I’d definitely recommend booking in advance).

Taken by me, absolutely beautiful bar area

To drink we had a glass of white wine (Heraldique Blanc £6p/g) which was vibrant and refreshing. Perfect for the meal we were about to devour.

We also ordered two bottles of water which were £5.50 each.. quite pricy so I went home to google why this water was so damn expensive. Turns out it was an Italian brand, Sole Water, which is only served by glass bottles to the top hotels and finest restaurants… I guess that’s fine dining for ya lol. Luckily I was too focused on how amazing the food was that I wasn’t bothered about the price of the water.


Before ordering our waiter did let us know that the portion sizes are small so they recommend two starters and a main to share per person.

To start we went for the Calamares Frito con Ocopa (£12). Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know if there’s calamari on the menu then I MUST order it. I just every restaurant by their calamari and my oh my… guys, this was the BEST calamari I’ve ever had. And I’ve had my fair share of calamari in this life. Crispy yet tender, melt in your mouth calamari that was seasoned with a spice, I still can’t put my finger on (I forgot to ask). The tentacles were like squid chips with how crisp they were. Now for the Peruvian marigold, an absolutely perfect pairing. Bright and zesty almost grapefruit like flavour with background notes of mint and basil. I absolutely love this herb, it’s such a delicacy and I would’ve never thought to pair it with calamari, blew my mind!

I'll be going again, just for this.

Next we went for the Calabaza taco (Pumpkin Tacos £7) . Now I must admit, I was pretty hesitant but my friend did want to try the tacos. When the tacos were presented at the table, again, mind blown. It looked nothing like a taco that I had in mind. What was presented to me was an elegant parcel filled with a creamy smooth looking orange pumpkin gel. Topped with emerald jewels which I believe to be pumpkin seeds. I went in for one and my eyes nearly popped out my head! I didn’t expect this from the bite I took. Guys. Firstly I noticed the cold yet flavourful and silky pumpkin puree, it was like pumpkin infused with pumpkin, encased in a crisp taco shell, that broke apart as soon as I took a bite. There was a slight tang, in the form of heat from the Peruvian chilli, aji amarillo. Guys, these are the only tacos I’d ever consume again. Unless someone is able to blow my mind this again.

Not your typical taco


So we wanted to go for the Dorada (Sea bream) however they had sold out which was upsetting so instead we opted for the Salmon dish with quinoa and green vegetables.

The salmon dish (£18) sounded super simple but it looked so beautiful when it arrived on the plate. Cutting into the salmon, it looked VERY rare. Now this was off putting at first but I stopped and considered the quality of food served at this restaurant. Also the fact that ceviche was popular on the menu, I assumed the salmon was served this way on purpose and I absolutely enjoyed every bite. I’m not used to having my salmon so rare, it was almost sashimi style. It was seasoned very well and absolutely melted in the mouth. The quinoa and greens were a great addition


We ordered the broccoli (£6) and patatas bravas for extra sides. Super tender and delicious broccoli, I mean, you can’t go wrong with broccoli.


Now the patatas bravas (£6)…. mind=blown. I’ve never had such crispy potatoes, as in, these potatoes were almost crispy all the way to the centre. I kept going back for me because these were not the typical bravas I was used to having in Spain. The sauces, tomato and huancaína sauce which is a tangy yellow spicy sauce using the infamous peruvian aji amarillo pepper. I could’ve ordered 3 portions of these sides!

Bravo to the braves!

After finishing our main and two sides, we still felt a little hungry so decided to indulge in the super decadent truffle dish. Papa seca con setas y trufa (Peruvian potatoes, wild mushrooms and truffle, £23). I was wowed when the dish hit the table, the strong smell of truffles filled my nostrils. I was happy because they weren’t selfish with the truffle, which made sense looking at the price of the dish. I loved everything about this dish, the crispy shavings of potato, the creamy mushroom puree underneath with layers of flavour. Absolutely divine, I couldn’t fault it.


One of my rules when ordering dessert is I have to have enjoyed my starters and mains entirely. Which I absolutely did and with churros on the menu? I had to give them a try. Churros de Naranja (Orange and lime churros, milk chocolate & dulce de leche sauce, (£9)

I don’t know where to start with just how amazing these churros were. The dough was so light yet comforting, dusted generously with a cinnamon sugar mixture. Although the dish says the churros contains lime and orange, I only got orange in the sauce that was served. I was hesitant to go for the orange infused sauce however I have to admit it worked perfectly with the churros. The citrus notes helped cut through the grease of the churros. Underneath the churros were a little surprise of popcorn which we dipped into the leftover sauce, this made the dish a 1010, absolutely delightful.

Churros con chocolate, better than ever

All in all, not one fault to mention in this review. I loved everything about Coya, from the ambience to the staff and most importantly the food. As a fine dining aficionado, this absolutely exceeded my expectations. Definitely best spot for an important occasion, romantic date night or celebratory evening. I’d recommend everyone to give this place a go. My next visit will definitely be here to experience their brunch menu voted best in London by Vogue.


  • Food: 5/5
  • Service: 4.8/5
  • Value for Money: 4.8/5
  • Atmosphere: 5/5

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